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History of Greenwich, New York: 1809-1909 by Mrs. B.F. Sharpe

Originally published in 1909, this short history of the town of Greenwich describes the initial settlement of the town and its early pioneers. Also covered are the early villages of Whipple City and Union Village. Businesses, churches, schools, railroads, physicians, lawyers and cemeteries are all included in this history. Many names of early residents and current (1909) residents are mentioned. An interesting history of an interesting town. Indexed, 57 pages (1909) 1996.

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The Story of Hartford: A History by Mrs.Isabella Brayton

Originally published in 1929 by Mrs. Brayton, Hartford Town Historian, this book covers the history of Hartford from its earliest days to 1928. Included is information on the founding of the town, church histories and backgrounds of ministers, Hartford soldiers in various wars, and economic development of the town through the years. Town officers from 1786 to 1928 are listed along with a Town Directory for 1929. A section on the genealogies of Hartford families concludes the book. Spiral bound, indexed, 176 pages, (1929) 1995.  Sleeper Books . 

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The Salem Book: Records of the Past and Glimpses of the Present by the Salem Historical Committee

This book was originally published in 1896 by the Salem Historical Committee. Chapters include The Scotch-Irish Colony, Interesting Genealogies, Old Families, The Physicians, Bench and Bar, Old Homesteads, plus numerous others. A list of Salem soldiers in the Revolutionary War is included. Many early residents are mentioned as well as people living in the town at the time of publication (1896). Indexed, 159 pages (1896) 1994.   Sleeper Books.  Item #9425-$25.00

Early History of the Town of Salem From Its First Settlement in 1761 to the Close of the Revolutionary War by Dr. Asa Fitch

A very interesting history of the town of Salem and other Washington Co. towns as written prior to 1850 by Dr. Fitch. The original articles on Salem's history were published in the Salem Press in 1927. Covers early settlers, churches, businesses, etc. Soft cover, indexed, 40 pages, (1927) 1996. Sleeper Books.

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The Argyle Patent and It's Early Settlers by James MacNaughton, Jr.

The Scottish emigrant who sailed to NY with Lachlan Campbell in 1738, 1739 and 1740 came from the Isles of Islay in Jura. Because of poverty and the French War, they were unable to accept the land granted to them. In 1764, however, they obtained the 47, 450 acre Argyle Patent, located in the Washington County Towns of Argyle, Fort Edward, Greenwich and Salem. Author MacNaughton has thoroughly researched these settlers of the Argyle Patent. He describes each person who was awarded a lot in the patent and references any land/deed records referring to their lot. He comments on over 750 people who received land in Argyle or lived there prior to 1838. Included in the book is information on: Lots sold by grantees to other settlers; Lots sold to speculators; Lots about which details are uncertain; and identification of speculators. This book is a tremendous asset to anyone researching early Argyle Patent settlers and those settlers who bought land from the original grantees. Indexed, illus, maps, 486 pages.  Sleeper Books. 

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Life in Whitehall During the Ship Fever Times, 1847 by David Wilson

A fascinating fictional account of life as lived by Irish immigrants in the 1840s. Set in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, the story tells of the ship fever and the deaths suffered by the immigrants and how many of the newly-arrived were ill-treated by locals. The book sensationalizes the events but also includes descriptions of actual events in Washington Co. history. This book is a valuable source for Whitehall researchers because it contains over 50 pages of city directory type information on Whitehall businesses, photos of prominent men of Whitehall and buildings located in Whitehall. The story was originally published in 1849 and reprinted in 1900. This book is a high-quality photocopied reproduction of the 1900 publication. A very interesting side of Washington Co. history that is virtually unknown. Spiral bound, 100 pages, (1849, 1900) 1996. Sleeper Books

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A Little History of Little Canada in Fort Edward, Washington County, NY by Joan Hess Mullen

Between 1866 and 1875, 50,000 people left the Province of Quebec and emigrated to the US. Many of these French-Canadian families settled in Fort Edward, NY. This book gives the history of the French-Canadian families in Fort Edward, backgrounds of their businesses and contains numerous genealogies and photographs of the settlers and their descendants. Soft cover, indexed, 50 pages. Sleeper Books.

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