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Bottskill Baptist Church: A Copy of All Tombstone Inscriptions Existing in 1901 Greenwich, N.Y.

Transcribed by Stuart C. Wade. Entries include name, death date, some have the birth date, and most inscriptions give the age of the individual at the time of death. Includes an every-name index. Soft Cover, 47 pages (1901) 1995. Sleeper Books

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Granville, Washington County, New York Cemetery Inscriptions

By Margaret R. Jenks. Revised 2001. Completely revised fall and winter 2000-2001. Five newly found cemeteries added. Hundreds of new names. 230 pages, 25 Cemeteries, 16,000 names and maps. Indexed, privately printed.

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Set in Stone, Hampton, Washington County, New York Cemetery Inscriptions

Compiled by: Carolyn Ruby McCullen and Danielle Laramie Roberts. Containing the 5 cemeteries in in Hampton. Each stone has been fully recorded including epitaph (when legible). Additional information included on soldiers buried in Hampton. 2002,32 pages, plus index.

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Cemetery Records

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Officers of the Albany Cemetery Association

Catalogue of proprietors of the Albany Rural Cemetery, located in Manands, New York with numbers and locations of their lots to January 1 1884. This cemetery was incorporated in 1841 and dedicated in 1884. 70 pages including index comb, reprint 2013 Sleeper Books,

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