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SOUVENIR of  Tinmouth  “Old Home Day” Thursday September 7, 1905 Held under the auspices of the Tinmouth Valley Grange, the celebration of the town has been captured for time in this nice book. Contains a history of the town starting before the United States came into its own.  Also a poem by Charles Rollin Ballard who was born in 1827 at Tinmouth. With an oration by George Levi Rice.    Soft cover,46 pages plus new full name index.   Reprinted by Sleeper Books   

Item #1403  Regularly $20.00 

Manual for the Communicants of the First Congregational Church in Castleton, VT. January, 1859. Short history of the town, list of Deacons from beginning to 1859, articles of faith, covenant, etc. List of past and present members. This is a rare book, enlarged for easy reading. 37 pages plus new full name index has been added, containing over 900 names. Reprint 2014 by Sleeper Books.

Item #1405 $20.00

Records of First Baptist Church of  Sennett, Cayuga County, NY   History of the town of Sennet and directory of 1868 plus baptism, received letters, dismissed letters and death records.  Church records compiled by Laura O. Jennings, edited by Charles D. Townsend. The business directory was compiled and edited by  Hamilton Child in 1868.  36 pages. Reprinted by Aceto Bookmen.

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The old Military Road From Fort Edward to Lake George, 1775, Burgoyne’s Route 1777 from Quebec to Old Saratoga.  Copyright 1927 by Harriet A. Bentley.  Scanned from the original  Nice history of the time.  Topics include General William Johnson cuts road to Lake St. Sacrament. Lemuel Lyon’s journal, David Holden’s Book,  French and Indian War and others. 42 pages plus new name index.  Reprinted by Sleeper Books. 

Item #1404—$20.00

Manual and Directory of the South Church Andover, Massachusetts  1914. Contains standard of belief, service of admission, by-laws, pastors of the church, present officers of the church, pews, directory of members.  A new full name index has been added. Enlarged from the original 4 ½ x 6½  booklet.  43 pages plus new name index.  Reprinted by Aceto Bookmen 2014

Item #50507—$20.00

ASSESSORS’ REPORT OF THE VALUATION AND TAX FOR 1890, OF THE TOW OF OXFORD, MASS. WITH LOCAITON AND OCCUPAITON OF TAX-PAYERS.  Printed 1890. Name of resident and occupation, and list of property. List of property exempt from taxation. Also contains list of non-resident owners, resident share-holders of the Oxford National bank and non-resident shareholders. All sections listed alphabetically. 62 pages.  Reprinted by Aceto Bookmen.

 Item #50508- $20.00

Sketches of the History of the Town of Hubbardton, VT with Remarks on the Ancient Customs and Practices of the People and Some Miscellaneous Articles, by Amos Chuchill, 1855. Very rare history of the town from Revolutionary War period until the 1850’s. Scanned from an original book.  A full index has been added.  64 pages plus index.  Reprint 2014 by Sleeper Books. 

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