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Fitch’s Washington County, NY - 1850.

Originally compiled by the famed local historian Asa Fitch, this map first appeared as part of his 1850 report on the county's topography. It identifies settlements, rivers, creeks, roads, churches, railroads, canals, towpaths, mills as well as the usual topographic features. The map occupies the middle panel of a three panel 18" X 24" sheet; the other two panels include the complete text of Fitch's original Report, which is probably the most detailed description of the area at mid-century. Black and white map, printed on 18" x 24" paper.

Item #0117$7.95

Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Circa 1825. 

The county lines, towns and roads are shown for these three New England states.  Additionally, similar details can be found for Long Island in New York state.   An inset plan of Boston shows Charlestown and Lechmere Point. printed on 11”x17” 

Item #0210 -$7.50

New Hampshire & Vermont: 1850

Reprint of Thomas

Cowperthwait’s Map of New Hampshire & Vermont was reproduced from an 1850 original and shows the states divided into counties.  10 in New Hampshire and 14 in Vermont. Railway lines and overland road are also shown, as are rivers, towns and settlements. 18”x 24” including margins. Item #0211 - $7.95

Vermont & New Hampshire 1867 

This attractive 1867 A. J. Johnson map locates the townships and counties and states, along with gores, railroads, and natural geological features.  18”x 24” including margins.  Item #0212 -$7.95

Northeastern New York

by Simeon DeWitt.  This map, originally printed in 1801, is a detailed survey map by DeWitt. The map shows northeastern NY and western New England, covers the area north of Kingston and south of Lake George. All land east of, and including, the Schoharie Creek, is depicted, as well as the towns of the Connecticut River Valley in New England. Counties, settlements, towns, creeks and roads are identified in the NY State section, in all or part of then Albany, Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Saratoga, Washington and Dutchess counties. Map is in one 23"x 29" sheet.  Item #9623 -$7.95

A Map of Albany and Schenectady Counties, New York-1855. 

Researchers will appreciate the re-issuing of John Disturnell's map of Albany and Schenectady Counties. In addition to locating towns and villages, this map shows railroads, turnpikes, mills and churches. Inset plans of both the cities of Albany and Schenectady are included. Item #9903 -$7.95

City of Albany 1852; 1794

(2 maps) by John Munsell.  Map of the City of Albany 1852 (18” X 24” including margins) shows the all-important ward boundaries, cemeteries, and streets as they were in the mid-19th century. Also includes  11” X 13” reprint by Simeon Dewitt. Plan of the City of Albany first issued in 1794. Wards, streets, churches and burial ground are clearly indicated. Item #0111 - $8.95 set

A Map of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont circa 1825. 

In addition to showing the county lines, roads and settlements in these northern New England states, this map is also useful for its portrayal of the adjacent part of lower Canada (now Quebec) which is divided into districts. Printed on 11x17 cream-colored paper.  Item #9904 -$7.50

A Chorographical Map of the Northern Department of Northern America, drawn from the latest and most accurate observations. 

Originally drawn about 1780, this reprint was made from John Gavit's mid-19th century engraving. Depicting part of New York north of the lower Hudson Valley and from its Eastern boundary to the south shore of Lake Ontario, this fascinating map identifies settlements and grantee lands in the neighboring parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Settlements along the St. Lawrence and Richelieu Rivers are also identified.           Item #9851 -$7.95

A Map of the Manor of Rensselaerwick, surveyed and laid down....Jno. R. Bleeker, surveyor: 1767.

Essentially a survey, this map of the Manor, which includes modern-day Albany and Renssalear Counties located important creeks and roads, as well as several hundred settler’s houses.   Item #9852 -$7.95

New York State 1866


Reprint  shows small towns, villages and the all important town boundaries within each county. With an inset map of Long Island. Black & white map printed on 18” X 24” paper  Item #0109 -$7.95

New York, New England & Middle Colonies 1673


by R. & J. Ottens.  Depicts the settled portion of North America north of the Chesapeake bay. With its handsome cartouche and inset view of New Amsterdam. A wonderful map for those researching this area and time period. Black and white map printed on 18 x 24 pages Item #0110$7.95