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OHIO INSCRIPTIONS, ASHTABULA COUNTY. Windsor and Windsor Mills. Copied by Glenn Griswold  ca. 1930. Sometime in the early 1930’s the compiler of “The Griswold Family England–America” either went to Ohio or had someone in Ohio copy the tombstones in the cemeteries in Windsor and Windsor Mills.  This was done because  there were several Griswold families living in that area. This is a facsimile reprint of the pages in the notebook kept by Mr. Griswold.  We hope that since these stones were recorded so long ago that the data may be of interest to many who are interested in these two towns. No index has been made since most of the names are under their proper name.  However we caution you that there may be names in the inscriptions that are not repeated and therefore suggest that you study the entire list of stones.  39 pages.  Aceto Bookmen.  ISBN: 1-878545-03-5              

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