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The Ancestral History of William M. Bronk

by Ronald W. Collins.  William M. Bronk, the world acclaimed poet, was born in Ft. Edward, NY, and spent most of his life in Hudson Falls, NY. This book not only provides readers with a personal history of Bronk but includes the genealogies of the Bronk, Bronck, Van Hoesen, Halenbek and Funston families. These families were among the early settlers in northeastern NY. Soft cover, indexed, 50 pages, 1997.                              Item #9709 -$20.00

Ancestors and Descendants of Ithiel Cargill, Sr., of Brunswick and Morgan, VT

by Esther W. Stevens.  Lists many surnames from this area of the state. Soft cover  22 pages.

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Genealogical Notes of the Getty and Lytle Families of Salem, New York: Preceded by a History of the Scotch-Irish of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York, and Also, Facts Concerning the Settlement of Washington Co., and Salem, NY

compiled by Horace True Currier. This book focuses on the descendants of James Getty, his sons Robert and Ebenezer Getty and brothers John and Andrew Lytle. All were members of the church of Rev. Thomas Clark who had come to Washington Co., NY from Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland. Much of the info for this book was supplied in the late 1890s by Mrs. Lemuel Ruggles Hall, a descendant of James Getty. Also included in this book is a very detailed description of the settlements of the Scotch-Irish in NH, MA, and Washington Co., NY. Included is a chapter on the early settlements of Salem, NY. Even if you don't have  Getty or Lytle ancestors, this book is worth adding to your Washington Co., NY collection because of the excellent history of the Scotch-Irish and the info on early Salem. Soft cover, indexed, about 60 pages, (1902) 1999. Sleeper Books. 

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History of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Part Three: Townships Within the Districts of Bedford and St. Francis with Genealogical Information

by Mrs. C. M. Day.  First published in Montreal in 1869, this book contains, according to the author, "short Historical Sketches of each Township within the Districts of Bedford and St. Francis, with brief notices of many individuals who have been prominently interested in their early settlement." The book is concerned primarily with the English townships and French Canadians are included but are not the focus of the book. Nearly 1200 names are contained in the index with many families having come from NY, New England and the Great Lakes region. Indexed, soft cover, 100 pages (1869), 1996. Sleeper Books.

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Compiled by Florence D. Palmer. Reprinted with index.  14 pages plus index. Aceto Bookmen.  ISBN: 1878545-19-1 

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Memoirs of the Treat Family

by Ronald W. Collins and Glenn Dellinger.   The Treat family arrived in North America as part of the Great Migration that settled many of the leading New England families into their new world homes. The earliest of that name in the new world was Richard Treat (1584-1669). He was one of the original founders of Wethersfield, CT. This memoir has been passed down through his descendants until a copy reached Glenn C. Dellinger whose wife, Sue Gruver Dellinger, is a descendant of Cornelius. The memoir of Cornelius is presented here for the first time to the general public. Also included are two other Treat memoirs, those of Mercy Phelps Wells (1819-1904) and Cornelia Phelps Stiles (1827-1904), both grand nieces of Cornelius Treat. The memoirs of Mercy and Cornelia tell of the trials, challenges and close family bonds needed to be a pioneering  family. The book contains the Treat genealogy, as well as the following family genealogies: Coleman, Woodbridge, Bryan, Dudley, Bulkeley, Gaylord, Grosvenor, Charlton, Chauncey and Eyre.  Soft cover, indexed, 191 pages. Sleeper Books.  Item #9717 -$30.00

Ancestors of My Daughters

by Nathan Henry Jones (1914) 2000.  This book comprises three Mayflower Pilgrims, one colonial Governor, over forty colonial, fourteen Revolutionary and three War of 1812 ancestors. Printed in Poultney, VT many of these lines touch families from the Vermont/New York area.  Adams. Alger, Allen, Blakeley, Blish, Boynton, Capen, Cutler, DeKalb, Flanders, Fuller, Gaylord, Giles, Graves, Hale,  Kalb, Kent, Lewis, Loomis, Lothrop, MacFarland, Newell, Otis, Potter, Reed, Rockwell, Scott, Skinner, Stickney, Stone, Symonds, Tainor, Washburn, Wells, White, Wilcox, Wolcott, Youman.  These are just a few of the names in this volume. Well documented  152 pages plus index, reprint Sleeper Books.

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One line of his descendants, together with the allied families to 1937. By Miss Leone G. Clarke. This edition of the George Wightman family may help some intermarrying families to find a new connection in their research for ancestors. While many names are of the Wightman family there are many others that are early families both here and in some cases born in England. typed manuscript. 21 pages plus index compiled by Charles D. Townsend 2001.  Aceto Bookmen.

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of Brunswick and Morgan, Vermont. By Esther W. Steven, 1975. Printed 1994 103 pages including index.  Originally printed by Chadwato Services. Aceto Bookmen     ISBN: 1-878545-48-5 

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By Evelyn Davis Fincher 1966.  The  genealogy of the Spurr family for 10 generations of descendants of Robert Spurr of Dorchester, MA, including a Nova Scotia Branch.  Copyrighted by Mrs. Fincher. Only a handful of copies available.  8½ X 11, soft cover, 82 pages, plus index.  Printed for Mrs. Fincher by Chedwato Services.

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Biographical Sketch of William Marvin, of the Town of Hebron, NY.

Prepared by William Reid, Originally published in Salem, NY, 1880.  A very rare biography of Mr. Marvin and the story of his adventures, mostly in Canada.  48 pages plus full name index. Reprint Sleeper Books 2014 

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The Spencers of Granville, Washington County, New York.  Abner Spencer, Jeremiah Sr. & Hannah (?) Spencer, Capt. Phineas & Elcy (Farnsworth) Spencer, Alexander & Deborah (Farnsworth) Spencer, Jeremiah 2nd & Thankful (Hinckley) Spencer

By Margaret R. Jenks. 2013, Hard cover 257 pages.

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Webb, Safford, Holmes and Denslow family data. To those of you who are interested in the history of our country this book sets forth some of that history.  The log was a story of those things that happened at the time during the late 1830’s  and early 1840’s.  Myron Webb was there and recorded the history as he saw it develop.  He tells of his times in Indiana and Ohio as well as this trip back east home in Connecticut.  We have been fortunate to have this account of his journeys in such good condition.  Also to have been able to locate a few other letters that he wrote to his family while in Indiana working on the Whitewater Canal.  These help to establish that the log was an original and not something that was dreamt up years later.  The Indiana Commission on Public Records were kind enough to make copies of these letters and we are happy to include them in this book.  The library in Brookville, Indiana was helpful in sending an item on the Whitewater Canal which is made port of this story.   George McKenzie Roberts first transcribed this log in 1956. 122 pages. Aceto Bookmen 1985

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By Lilian Hayes Oliver, copyright 1969 Chedwato Services.  A story of the families of Castlio, Hays and Howell who traveled from North Carolina to St. Charles, Illinois and data about Howell’s Prairie 1800-1849.  They established the village of Mechanicsville, later known as Howell, which had a brief existence of less than a century and a half. The stories pertain mainly to two of these families the Howells and the Castlio Hays, the wife of Daniel Berry Hays, a great-great grandson of Daniel Boone.  The existing inventory was printed several years ago and the pages are slightly yellowed, however the information is just as valuable.  187 pages, plus index  Chedwato Services

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