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Old Saratoga and the Burgoyne Campaign by William S. Ostrander

Contains a history of the old Saratoga, now Schuylerville. Gives historical background information from the French in the 1500s, the Dutch in the 1600s and the French and Indian War of the 1750s. A detailed history of the Revolutionary War battle of Saratoga is also provided. Events that took place in Washington Co. are also mentioned. Soft cover, indexed, 40 pages, (1897) 1996. Sleeper Books.

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The Capture of Ticonderoga by L.E. Chittenden

The capture sited in the title refers to that Revolutionary War event of 1775, but the book also includes early history of the area, from its early discovery by Champlain to its role in the French and Indian War. The essence of this thesis is whether or not Benedict Arnold planned and participated in the capture of Ticonderoga, or whether the honor belongs solely to Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys. The book incorporates a paper which was read before the Vermont Historical Society in 1872. Well annotated, many of the letters and documents referred to in the text are reprinted in the appendix. Soft-cover, indexed, 127 pages, (1872) 1997. Sleeper Books.

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The Sexagenary: or, Reminiscences of the American Revolution

The author of The Sexagenary is unknown but the work has been attributed to either John P. Becker, long a resident of Salem, Washington Co., NY, or Rev. Samuel Rogers, first pastor of the Baptist church at Schulerville. The father of Mr. Rogers was a teamster in the American army and his son was often with him and my have learned the facts contained the The Sexagenary first-hand. The author states: "I am by no means a veteran--I never was in actual combat, but I can shoulder my crutch, exulting at the remembrance of the fight, and show how fields were won. I was neither continental, nor levy. I served in the unpretending, but not useless character of a wagoner, in the quarter master's department, at one time actively employed in forwarding cannon, and laboring with my own horses. My station in life was that of a farmer in respectable circumstances, and rather above that which furnished the usual recruits for the regular army." The author provides us with a fascinating description of his actions as a teamster in the Revolutionary War. He describes life in Albany, Washington, Saratoga and Rensselaer Counties of NY and portions of VT. The book is a very readable history of the Revolution in the eastern portion of NY, written by someone who lived through the hard times. Originally published in 1866, this version of The Sexagenary is a photocopy of the original book and includes the original index. Soft cover, indexed, 234 pages.(1866) 1999. Sleeper Books.

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New York Loyalist Confiscations by Laura Penny Hulslander

The book contains two parts, each listing the NY Loyalists whose land was confiscated during the Revolutionary War. Part One is an alphabetical list that includes name, town and county of residence, occupation, indictment (when found), and judgment (when signed). Counties included in this list are Albany, Tryon, Dutchess, Orange, Westchester, Charlotte, Queens, Ulster and Kings. Part Two is a list of confiscations by town for the following counties: Albany, Charlotte and Tryon. Names and occupations of Loyalists are listed in their town of residence. Soft cover, indexed, 40 pages, 1996. Sleeper Books.

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Rev. Patriots & Loyalists

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Roll of New Hampshire Soldiers at the Battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777.

Compiled by Geo. C. Gilmore, 1891. On August 16, 1777 1,467 New Hampshire men appeared on the rolls. Residence were supplied from every available source. Town names that have changed are given by current (1891) name. Some Vermont soldiers are footnoted. Appendix gives information on soldiers lost, unfortunately the roll does not contain 1/2 of those lost. 8 X 11, soft cover, 55 pages arranged alphabetically. Reprint 2005 Aceto Bookmen.

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