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The United Presbyterian Church of Argyle, N Y:† A History of the Congregation by Ernest H. Tilford

Covers the history from 1792-1943 and includes a list of members in 1802; a list of members in the military; and the history of ministers.† Indexed, 40 pages, (1943) 1994. Sleeper Books.

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A Historical Sketch of the Presbytery of Argyle, 1765-1933 published by Direction of Presbytery

This booklet contains brief histories of all the churches in the Presbytery of Argyle. Included in church description is background information on the founding of the church and information on its various ministers. A good source of information on the Presbyterian churches of this area. Churches included are: Salem, Cambridge, Coila, South Argyle, West Hebron, Hebron, Argyle, Putnam, Shushan, North Argyle, East Greenwich, Greenwich, Brick Church at West Hebron, Whiteside Church and the First Associate Church of Cambridge. Approx. 30 pages, (1933) 1996, Sleeper Books.†

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Marriage and Birth Records as Recorded by Rev. James Dempster, 1778-1803 by Robert M. Hartley

Rev. Dempster was an itinerant Methodist minister who preached in the Mohawk District of Tryon Co., especially in Warrensbush, now Florida, Montgomery Co., NY. His records include baptisms and marriages that were performed in some 30 villages in Tryon, Schenectady, Albany, Saratoga, Washington and Rensselaer Counties. The records date from July 1, 1778 and end August 8, 1803, comprising 532 entries in number. Indexed, 36 pages, 1995. Sleeper Books.†

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Records of Rev. Uriah Marvin While Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Union Village (Washington Co., N.Y. 1848-1855) and Nyack (Rockland Co., N.Y., 1860-1870) by

Laura Penny Hulslander

The records contain marriages, baptisms, funerals, and communicants received and dismissed. Indexed, 54 pages, 1993.† Sleeper Books.

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Records of the Protestant Presbyterian Church of Cambridge, Washington Co,. N.Y. by† Royden Woodard Vosburg

The records contain baptisms (1791-1886, with a gap between 1817-1830); marriages (1791-1868); communicants received (1793-1838); members as of October 1836; and church officers (1785-1871). Indexed, 93 pages (1916) 1994. Sleeper Books.

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Historical Sketch Union Presbyterian Church, Hebron, N.Y. by Elder William Robinson, 1891

This history was written to briefly record the important facts associated with the organization and growth of the church.† A full name index has been added to this book.† 37 pages plus index, reprint 2004, Sleeper Books.

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Church & Ministerís Records

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Manual and Directory of the Officers, Members and Organized Societies of the First Congregational Church of Fairpoint, N.Y.

Originally published in 1915.† This church is located in Monroe County.† The book contains a† history of the church beginning in 1824.† A list of all the ministers that served the congregation, along with the current (for the time) directory of all its members. 36 pages plus new name index.† Aceto Bookmen.†

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Directory of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Salem N.Y. July 4, 1885

Contains a short history, list of ministers, committee members, Sunday school officers, church members and more.† Soft Cover, 32 pages including new full name index. Reprinted by Sleeper Books 2013

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