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History of Washington County

"The Asa Fitch Papers." Edited by Laura Penny Hulslander.  Long used by researchers in studying Washington County genealogy and history, these papers have never been published from their beginning to their end. Excerpts have been used in many books but we are proud to be the first publisher to make them available in their entirety. Dr. Fitch interviewed and compiled oral histories of many of the early residents of the county, those people who remembered the Revolution or had parents who were in Washington Co. during the revolutionary years. Along with interviews are historical sketches, cemetery records, death notices and a wide variety of invaluable genealogical information on Washington Co., NY, families. Dr. Fitch collected 7 volumes of information and we will be publishing these volumes over the next year or so. Volumes 1,2 and 3 are currently available. Listed below are some of the subjects covered in this important series:

Argyle Burying Ground; the Allen family murders; Alex. McNachten's family burying ground; the Campbell family; Ft. Edward militia duty; Salem burying ground; Seth Cook accidentally shot; settlers on the VT border; Salem families from Pelham, MA; McCollister family; Conkey family; Washington Co. and the Revolutionary War; Wells family; North Granville cemetery; first settlement of Cambridge; Saunders family of Ft. Edward; West Granville Presbyterian Church; Hartford proprietors lots; South Hartford cemetery; Jones family; Ashton family of Ash Grove, White Creek; Sharp family; the taking of Forts Ann and George; refugees from Kingsbury and many more subjects covering Washington Co. genealogy and history. Each volume includes hundreds of names of Washington Co. residents or former residents that will helpful to anyone researching Washington Co. from the revolutionary days through the mid-1800s.




They Were Here Too by Jane Betsey Welling  Contains genealogical information on Washington Co. families, especially those who lived in Easton Corners and the southern part of the county. Includes information on early Dutch settlers and Quaker settlers from Nantucket Island. Covers a wide variety of names that appear throughout the county. Much of the information included came from private collections and is not published elsewhere. Indexed, spiral bound,(1965, 1970) 1994.

Sleeper Books.


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History of Washington Co., NY: Old Families (The Gibson Papers), Vol. 1 by William H. Hill

Volume 1 contains genealogical histories of these Washington Co. families: Sherman, Tyrell, Smith, Fowler, Carswell, Tomb, Doty, Turner, McCraken, McCrea, Atwood and McKillop. Many other names are included in the every-name index. 99 pages, (1954), 1993.  Sleeper Books. 

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History of Washington Co., NY: Old Families and Graves and Graveyards (The Gibson Papers), Vol. 2 by William H. Hill

Concludes the genealogical histories of the above families and also includes these families: McCleary, Dodd, Abraham Turner, Merriam, Morey and McClaughry. In part two, Mr. Gibson describes many of the cemeteries of Washington Co. and provides detailed genealogical information on many of the people buried in these cemeteries. This is not a complete listing of individuals buried in each cemetery but it does include many of the early burials in Washington Co. as well as burials in the 1880s. Indexed, 108 pages, (1954) 1993.  Sleeper Books.

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History of Washington Co., NY: The History of Washington Academy and The Bench and Bar of Washington Co. for a Century (The Gibson Papers), Vol. 4 by William H. Hill  Much genealogical data on early families including Clark, Embury, Smith, Jones, Holmes, Berry, Tearse, Younglove, Stevenson, McMurray, McFarland, Cochran and many more. Also includes an interesting history of the county and its founding. Indexed,  130 pages, (1954) 1993.  Sleeper Books.

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History of Washington Co., NY: Old Families and Graves and Graveyards (The Gibson Papers), Vol. 3 by William H. Hill

Volume 3 concludes Mr. Gibson's cemetery descriptions and his genealogical information on Washington Co. families. Indexed, soft cover, 87 pages, (1954) 1993.  Sleeper Books. 

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Biographical Sketches Abstracted From Washington County, NY: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century by William L. Stone and A. Dallas Wait

Part Two of the original book contains biographical sketches of many of the established businessmen, farmers and residents of Washington County as of the 1901 publication date. The biographical sketches have been abstracted from Part Two to form this book. Most entries include information on the individual, his occupation, his wife, and children. Many include details on his parents, her parents and their family background. Especially interesting are the portraits that are included with numerous biographies. 148 pages plus Index (1901), 1996. Sleeper Books. 

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Gazetteer of the County of Washington, NY, Comprising a Correct Statistical and Miscellaneous History of the County and Several Towns From Their Organization to the Present Time by Allen Corey

Originally published in 1850, the Gazetteer includes an in-depth history of the county. Every town is described in a town history and lists town officials, including supervisors, justices of the peace, town clerks, etc. Banks, churches, lodges, schools and other organizations are included along with their officers from founding to 1850. Many individuals are named in each town chapter and the chapters include an 1850 business directory. This very valuable list includes merchants, grocers, lawyers, blacksmiths, etc., and names the proprietor of the business. An excellent source of information on Washington Co., NY. Indexed, 187 pages (1850) 1995  Sleeper Books.

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Washington County, NY: An Excerpt from Historical Collections of the State of New York Containing a General Collection of most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches & C. Relating to its History Antiquities with Geographical Descriptions of Every Township in the State. by John W. Barber and Henry Howe

by John W. Barber and Henry Howe  A "mini-gazetteer" of Washington County with town, dates of formation, population and historical information. Very interesting information current as of the original 1844 publication date. Includes illustrations of several Washington County towns which allow to see how they looked in the mid-1800's. 20 pages. (1844), 1996. Sleeper Books.

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Recipes, published by the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Granville Baptist Church, Granville, N.Y.

Circa 1910.  Just for fun, this great cookbook contains lots of interesting recipes for soup, fish, meat, vegetable, entrees, salads, bread, pie, puddings, ices and jellies, cakes, etc…  Even helpful hints and great advertisements!  If your ancestors were members of this society their family recipes might be there.  Overall, if you like to cook or bake, it will be fun to have.  131 pages, reprint 2004, Sleeper Books.

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Diary of Carrie A. Douglass

compiled by Carolyn R. McCullen, 2005. Born in Whitehall, N.Y. Carrie was 1 of 7 children.  During the years of her diaries Carrie lived in Hampton, N.Y..  This volume contains 1872-1874.  It’s full of daily life during that time period.  Lots of local names and locations.  111 pages,  printed by Sleeper Books.

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The Asa Fitch Papers, Volume 1 by Laura Penny Hulslander 120 pages with Indexed 1997. Sleeper Books. 

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The Asa Fitch Papers, Volume 2 by Laura Penny Hulslander 167 pages with Index 1997. Sleeper Books. 

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The Asa Fitch Papers, Volume 3 by Laura Penny Hulslander 175 pages with index 1998. Sleeper Books.

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