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Washington County, N.Y. Vital Records:  1847-1849 by Laura Penny Hulslander

Birth records list the child's name, date of birth and parents' name; marriage records include name of the couple, residence, age, date of marriage and who performed the marriage; death records give name of the deceased, date of death, residence, age, occupation, and cause of death. Some town records are more complete than others and very few marriage records are included. Every-name index, 176 pages, 1993.  

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Washington County, New York Poor House Records:  1827-1870 by Laura Penny Hulslander This is a major new source of information for Washington Co. research. The poor house, located in Argyle, served as a place where the sick, poor, handicapped and less fortunate were able to find aid and shelter. The records of the poor house contain a wealth of information useful to researchers. The name of every individual who entered the poor house was listed in a ledger book. Also listed were their age, town of residence, country of origin, reason for admittance and discharge date. Many births and deaths took place in the poor house and are recorded in the ledger but are not recorded anywhere else in Washington Co. Many a "missing" ancestor may be found in these useful records. A record of emigrants (1852-1862), mainly Irish, is included and names, ages, date of arrival and the ship on which they arrived are listed. A very helpful resource when researching Washington Co. Soft cover, indexed, approx. 200 pages, 1997. Sleeper Books. 

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Abstracts of Wills of Washington Co., N.Y.:  1788-1825 by Gertrude A. Barber

Names individual making will; residence; each person named in will with most relationships stated; date; executors; witnesses. Indexed, 159 pages, (1937), 1993. Sleeper Books. 

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Supplement to Washington County, N.Y. Vital Records:  1847-1849 by Laura Penny Hulslander

The vital records of Washington County, NY, are made up of the reports of town clerks for the years 1847, 1848 and 1849. Birth and death records were included in the original vital records book but few marriages were listed. This supplement now fills the gap with the marriage records from those years. Included are the name of the bride and groom, their age, place of residence, date of marriage and the name of the person who performed the marriage. Every-name index, spiral bound, 104 pages, 1995.

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Oaths of Allegiance, Declarations of Intent and Naturalizations in Washington Co., N.Y. 1794-1833 by Laura Penny Hulslander

The naturalization records of Washington Co. begin in 1794 with oaths of allegiance signed by early settlers in the years just after the Revolution. In the early 1800s, standard printed forms were used with a friend or neighbor acting as witness. The oaths were signed by the witness, the individual taking the oath, the court official and all are dated. Places of residence are often included. More detailed declarations of intent contain such information as full name, town/parish of birth, some birth dates, wife's name, children's names and ages, date and port of emigration, date and port of arrival in the US. Especially well-represented are the emigrants from Scotland, Ireland and England who came to Washington Co. in the early 1800s. Indexed,  67 pages, 1996. Sleeper Books.

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