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Abstracts of Strafford County, New Hampshire, Inferior Court Records 1773-1783

Abstracted, compiled and edited by Laura Penny Hulslander

Copyright 1987.  Sleeper Books.  The inferior court records contain a wealth of genealogical information about the residents of one of New Hampshire’s original counties.  Contains names and occupations, place of residence (some in Maine or Massachusetts) and numerous family relationships are spelled out.  “Abstracted from micro-film of original records and contain book and page number.  149 pages, indexed, Sleeper Books.

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GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF ACWORTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE Together with list of Revolutionary Soldiers.

Originally printed 1908.  Compiled by Charles B. Spofford and Marcia Baldwin Nourse Spofford. Reprinted 1996 by Aceto Bookmen.  Stones as early as 1757. Some of the names included are: Clark, Davidson, Grout, Houston, Mayo, Perham, Silsby, Thornton, Williams. Index of stones not given in alphabetical order,  28 pages, plus index. Aceto Bookman. ISBN: 1-878545-17-5

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Grave Stone Records from the ancient cemeteries in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire. With historical and biographical notes.

Compiled by Charles B. Spoffard 1896 reprint 2001 by Aceto Bookmen. This compiling of the gravestones in Claremont, NH is a great help to those searching for lost connections. Mr. Spoffard not only listed the stone record but took off all the data that showed on the stone thus including many connections to other family members.  Aceto Bookmen made a complete name index of all names that were not part of the already alphabetical listing in each Grave Yard. This allows a reader to quickly locate others that may be of the same family name.  There are three Grave Yards compiled: Old Village Cemetery; West Part Church yard; The Jarvis Yard, a list of Fatalities and Mortuary Statistics given in the book, plus index, 102 pages.

Aceto Bookmen ISBN: 1-878545-61-2.

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Inscriptions on Grave Stones In the Two Old Cemeteries On The East Hill in Peterborough, NH.

Originally published ca.  1908. Reprint 1995. Complete inscriptions given and any verse on the stone. Some of the names included are: Brackett, Cunningham, Davison, Felt, Holmes, Morrison, Porter, Robbe, Smith, Thayer, Upton, White and Young. 8˝ X 11, soft cover, 62 pages, plus index.

Aceto Bookmen ISBN: 1-878545-08-6

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First issued 1889-1890 & 1891-92. Index of names in the body of the book. Parish members are alphabetical. The body of the Yearbook is the organizational set up of the church for these two yearbooks covering from 1889-92. An index has been developed for each Year book for the names appearing in this part of the text. Some of the names appearing in these indexes are different than those found in the Parish list. This book is an enlarged facsimile of the original for easy reading, 101 pages. Aceto Bookmen.

ISBN: 1-878545-18-3

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HISTORY OF COOS TURNPIKE, NEW HAMPSHIRE By Harold S. Bryant. This history deals with the building and operation of the turnpike. Little has appeared in print regarding the early stage coach travel which was the forerunner of the railway. This book is not indexed. 18 pages,  Aceto Bookmen. ISBN: 9607906-6-7

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Enfield, Grantham, Lebanon and Plainfield.  1908 by Thomas Hill, Esq.  Some of the names included are: Bosworth, Calef, Choat, Day, Eastman, Farnham, Gile, Hodge, Kidder, Little, Purmont, Sargent, Stickney, Worthen. 18 pages plus full name index. 8˝ X 11 soft cover. Aceto Bookmen.

ISBN: 1-878545-28-0

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