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Manual of The Central Baptist church of Providence, Rhode Island.

Originally printed 1885.  Memberships as early as 1812. Alphabetically arranged both resident and non-resident members.  Historic section. Many places outside of Rhode Island are mentioned such as SC, IA, OH, even Australia! Added is a new full name index of people mentioned in historical section. This is an enlarged reprint 5˝ X 8˝, soft cover, 66 pages.  Aceto Bookmen  ISBN: 1-878545-40-X                   

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Historical Sketches of The Town of Richmond, Rhode Island from 1747-1876. Prepared by James R. Irish, D. D., and delivered July 4, 1876. This historical sketch of the town of Richmond, RI is very important in researching the ancestors who many have lived in or were the first settlers of this important town. Some of the topics include, agriculture, early settlers, mills and mill property, manufactures, the railroad, ward, liquor sales and more. 93 pages, plus index.   Aceto Bookmen 2002

ISBN: 1-878545-5802  

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Historical Sketches Churches of Warwick, Rhode Island.

By Liver P. Fuller.  These sketches originally formed the appendix to the History of Warwick Rhode Island by the same author. The records of these societies date far back into the early history of the Colony, and are brought down. To which is added a record of persons joined in marriage in that town by Elder John Gorton, 1754-1792 originally printed in 1880.  They are 282 in number and are of great value in tracing the genealogy of families living in Warwick and to some extent throughout the state. Some of the names included: Aylesworth, Baker, Briggs, Carder, Fry, Greene, Holden, Lippitt, Mumford, Potter, Rice, Spencer, Tillinghast, Vaughn, Warner, Wightman, Wood. 106 pages, plus full name index.  Aceto Bookmen ISBN: 1-878545-43-4 

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